Cecilia 5

ear-bending sonics for OSX, Windows & Linux


Cecilia is an audio signal processing environment aimed at sound designers. Cecilia mangles sound in ways unheard of. Cecilia lets you create your own GUI using a simple syntax. Cecilia comes with many original built-in modules and presets for sound effects and synthesis.

Cecilia is free and open source (GNU GPL v3). Cecilia is programmed and maintained by Olivier.

Cecilia's user interface

Download Cecilia 5.4.1

OSX (10.12+) | WINDOWS (7 to 10) | SOURCE CODE (all platforms) | HTML MANUAL


Online documentation

User interface, built-in modules and API documentation for Cecilia can be found here.


What’s new in Cecilia 5.4.1

This version mainly fixes Windows 64-bit version that crashes when trying the open a MIDI device. Changes:

  • Uses latest fixes to portmidi for 64-bit Windows.
  • Upgraded WxPython to version 4.1.0.
  • Upgraded pyo to version 1.0.3.


What’s new in Cecilia 5.4.0

In addition to several fixed bugs (lot of crashes have been fixed), here are the new features added since version 5.3.5:

  • Removed presets from cecilia5 files. Moved them to ~/.cecilia5/presets folder
  • Added filter per grain in StochGrains.c5 an StochGrains2.c5
  • Allow the user to add a point on a line, without alteration, with Shift-Click.
  • NEW MODULE: AutoModFilter – Filter auto-modulated by an audio feature of its input sound
  • NEW MODULE: Binaural – Binaural 3D spatialization
  • NEW MODULE: MatrixReverb – Delay-line rotating-matrix reverb
  • NEW MODULE: StateVar2 – State Variable Filter with user-defined filter types
  • NEW MODULE: Stutterer – Read segments extracted from a sound loaded in memory
  • NEW MODULE: WaveScanSynth – Synthesis where the waveform is a small portion extracted from an audio signal


What’s new in Cecilia 5.3.5

In addition to several fixed bugs, here are the new features added since version 5.3.0:

  • Automatic saving of the module after creating or deleting a preset.
  • Revisited tooltips and html documentation.
  • All modules have been tested and cleaned.
  • Better handling of unicode characters in preferences file.
  • Migration of the application code to python 3.6 and wxPython Phoenix 4.0.1
  • Better error handling when loading or running a cecilia5 module.
  • Added ChenLee attractor to the ChaosMod plugin.
  • Added various modulation waveforms to BinModulator module.
  • NEW MODULE: UltimateGrainer – A state-of-the-art granulation processing module.
  • NEW MODULE: RandomAccumulator – Variable speed recording accumulator module.
  • NEW MODULE: UpDistoRes – Distortion module with upsampling and resonant lowpass filter.



Cecilia is developed by Olivier on his free time to provide a full-featured processing application for sound exploration and music composition. If you feel this project is useful to you and want to support it and it’s future development, please consider donating money. I only ask for a small donation, but of course I appreciate any amount.