Sending audio streams as Open Sound Control messages

This program does not generate any sound. All it does is to produce audio streams that are then send on an open port as OSC messages in order to control a granulation process created in the example

from pyo import *

s = Server().boot()

# Manual control of the density of grains per second.
dens = Sig(0.5)
dens.ctrl(title="Density of grains per second")

# Generate a normalized random position in the sound with interpolation.
pos = Randi(min=0.00, max=1.00, freq=0.1)

# Manual control of the transposition per grain.
pit = Sig(0)
pit.ctrl(title="Transposition per grain")

# Manual control of the grain's duration.
dur = Sig(0.5)
dur.ctrl(title="Grain duration")

# Takes audio signals and sends their current value as OSC messages every buffer size.
send = OscSend(
    input=[dens, pos, pit, dur],
    address=["/density", "/position", "/pitch_rand", "/duration"],