01-read-from-disk.py - Soundfile playback from disk.

SfPlayer and friends read samples from a file on disk with control over playback speed and looping mode.

Player family:
  • SfPlayer : Reads many soundfile formats from disk.

  • SfMarkerLooper : AIFF with markers soundfile looper.

  • SfMarkerShuffler : AIFF with markers soundfile shuffler.

Reading sound file from disk can save a lot of RAM, especially if the soundfile is big, but it is more CPU expensive than loading the sound file in memory in a first pass.

from pyo import *

s = Server().boot()

path = SNDS_PATH + "/transparent.aif"

# stereo playback with a slight shift between the two channels.
sf = SfPlayer(path, speed=[1, 0.995], loop=True, mul=0.4).out()