05-output-channels.py - Sending signals to different physical outputs.

The simplest way to choose the output channel where to send the sound is to give it as the first argument of the out() method. In fact, the signature of the out() method reads as:

.out(chnl=0, inc=1, dur=0, delay=0)

chnl is the output where to send the first audio channel (stream) of the object. inc is the output increment for other audio channels. dur is the living duration, in seconds, of the process and delay is a delay, in seconds, before activating the process. A duration of 0 means play forever.

from pyo import *

s = Server().boot()
s.amp = 0.1

# Creates a source (white noise)
n = Noise()

# Sends the bass frequencies (below 1000 Hz) to the left
lp = ButLP(n).out()

# Sends the high frequencies (above 1000 Hz) to the right
hp = ButHP(n).out(1)