StochGrains2 : Stochastic granular synthesis based on a soundfile


This module implements a stochastic granular synthesis where grains coe from a given soundfile. The user has control over the range of every generation parameters and envelopes.


Pitch Offset :

Base transposition, in semitones, applied to every grain

Pitch Range :

Range, in semitone, over which grain transpositions are chosen randomly

Speed Range :

Range, in second, over which grain start times are chosen randomly

Duration Range :

Range, in second, over which grain durations are chosen randomly

Start Range :

Range, in seconds, over which grain starting poistions (in the file) are chosen randomly

Intensity Range :

Range, in dB, over which grain amplitudes are chosen randomly

Pan Range :

Range over which grain spatial positions are chosen randomly

Density :

Density of active grains, expressed as percent of the total generated grains

Global Seed :

Root of stochatic generators. If 0, a new value is chosen randomly each time the performance starts. Otherwise, the same root is used every performance, making the generated sequences the same every time.

Graph Only

Overall Amplitude :

The amplitude curve applied on the total duration of the performance

Grain Envelope :

Amplitude envelope of each grain

Popups & Toggles

Pitch Scaling :

Controls the possible values (as chords or scales) of the pitch generation

Pitch Algorithm :

Noise distribution used by the pitch generator

Speed Algorithm :

Noise distribution used by the speed generator

Duration Algorithm :

Noise distribution used by the duration generator

Intensity Algorithm :

Noise distribution used by the intensity generator

Max Num of Grains :

Regardless the speed generation and the duration of each grain, there will never be more overlapped grains than this value. The more CPU power you have, higher this value can be.