SpectralGate : Spectral gate (Phase Vocoder)


For each frequency band of a phase vocoder analysis, if the amplitude of the bin falls below a given threshold, it is attenuated according to the Gate Attenuation parameter.


Gate Threshold :

dB value at which the gate becomes active

Gate Attenuation :

Gain in dB of the gated signal

Graph Only

Overall Amplitude :

The amplitude curve applied on the total duration of the performance

Popups & Toggles

FFT Size :

Size, in samples, of the FFT

FFT Envelope :

Windowing shape of the FFT

FFT Overlaps :

Number of FFT overlaping analysis

Polyphony Voices :

Number of voices played simultaneously (polyphony), only available at initialization time

Polyphony Spread :

Pitch variation between voices (chorus), only available at initialization time