RandomAccumulator : Variable speed recording accumulator module


This module records the sound from the sampler in a table at a varying position and speed. The feedback parameter indicates how much of the previous recording at the current position is kept back in the table. The recorded table is read in loop at the normal speed, with possibility to activate a 180 degrees out-of-phase overlap.


Pre-Filter Freq :

Center frequency of the filter applied before the recording

Pre-Filter Q :

Q factor of the filter applied before the recording

Accum Feedback :

The amount of previous signal in the table that is kept back, mixed with the new recording.

Record Time Rand :

The time it took to the recording head to reach the new position target in the table. The target is chosen randomly between 0 and the end of the table. If the time is longer than the distance to run, the signal will be write slowly, so the playback (at regular speed) will give an upward transposition. When the target is reached, a new target and a new recording duration are chosen.

Buffer Length :

The size of the table in seconds. This parameter is updated only at the start of the performance.

Global Seed :

Root of stochatic generators. If 0, a new value is chosen randomly each time the performance starts. Otherwise, the same root is used every performance, making the generated sequences the same every time.

Graph Only

Overall Amplitude :

The amplitude curve applied on the total duration of the performance

Recording Envelope :

The envelope applied to each recording segment

Popups & Toggles

Pre-Filter Type :

Type of filter used before the recording

Overlapped :

If “On”, a second player, 180 degrees out-of-phase, will read the recorded buffer. The signals of both players are summed and sent to the output

Polyphony Voices :

Number of voices played simultaneously (polyphony), only available at initialization time

Polyphony Spread :

Pitch variation between voices (chorus), only available at initialization time