PitchLooper : Table-based transposition module with multiple voices


This module implements five sound loopers playing in parallel. Loopers are table-based so a change in pitch will produce a change in sound duration. This can be useful to create rhythm effects as well as harmonic effects.


Transpo Voice 1 :

Playback speed of the first voice

Gain Voice 1 :

Gain of the transposed first voice

Transpo Voice 2 :

Playback speed of the second voice

Gain Voice 2 :

Gain of the transposed second voice

Transpo Voice 3 :

Playback speed of the third voice

Gain Voice 3 :

Gain of the transposed third voice

Transpo Voice 4 :

Playback speed of the fourth voice

Gain Voice 4 :

Gain of the transposed fourth voice

Transpo Voice 5 :

Playback speed of the fifth voice

Gain Voice 5 :

Gain of the transposed fifth voice

Graph Only

Overall Amplitude :

The amplitude curve applied on the total duration of the performance

Popups & Toggles

Voice Activation 1 –> 5 :

Mute or unmute each voice independently

Polyphony Voices :

Number of voices played simultaneously (polyphony), only available at initialization time

Polyphony Spread :

Pitch variation between voices (chorus), only available at initialization time