StateVar : State Variable Filter


This module implements lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters in parallel and allow the user to interpolate on an axis lp -> bp -> hp.


Cutoff/Center Freq :

Cutoff frequency for lp and hp (center freq for bp)

Filter Q :

Q factor (inverse of bandwidth) of the filter

Type (lp->bp->hp) :

Interpolating factor between filters

Dry / Wet :

Mix between the original and the filtered signals

Graph Only

Overall Amplitude :

The amplitude curve applied on the total duration of the performance

Popups & Toggles

Balance :

Compression mode. Off, balanced with a fixed signal or balanced with the input source.

Polyphony Voices :

Number of voices played simultaneously (polyphony), only available at initialization time

Polyphony Chords :

Pitch interval between voices (chords), only available at initialization time