BrickWall : Convolution brickwall lowpass/highpass/bandpass/bandstop filter


Convolution filter with a user-defined length sinc kernel. This kind of filters are very CPU expensive but can give quite good stopband attenuation.


Cutoff Frequency :

Cutoff frequency, in Hz, of the filter.

Bandwidth :

Bandwith, in Hz, of the filter. Used only by bandpass and pnadstop filters.

Filter Order :

Number of points of the filter kernel. A longer kernel means a sharper attenuation (and a higher CPU cost). This value is only available at initialization time.

Graph Only

Overall Amplitude :

The amplitude curve applied on the total duration of the performance

Popups & Toggles

Filter Type :

Type of the filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop)

Balance :

Compression mode. Off, balanced with a fixed signal or balanced with the input source.

Polyphony Voices :

Number of voices played simultaneously (polyphony), only available at initialization time

Polyphony Spread :

Pitch variation between voices (chorus), only available at initialization time