cgen : creates a list entry useful to generate list of arbitrary values


cgen(name='gen', label='Wave shape', init=[1,0,.3,0,.2,0,.143,0,.111],
         rate='k', popup=None, col='red', help='')


Widget that can be used to create a list of floating-point values. A left click on the widget will open a floating window to enter the desired values. Values can be separated by commas or by spaces.

If rate argument is set to ‘i’, a built-in reserved variable is created at initialization time. The variable name is constructed like this :

self.widget_name + '_value' for retrieving a list of floats.

If name is set to ‘foo’, the variable name will be:

self.foo_value (this variable is a list of floats)

If rate argument is set to ‘k’, a module method using one argument must be defined with the name name. If name is set to ‘foo’, the function should be defined like this :

def foo(self, value):
    value -> list of strings


name: str

Name of the widget. Used to defined the function or the reserved variable.

label: str

Label shown in the interface.

init: int

An array of number, separated with commas, with which to initialize the widget.

rate: str {‘k’, ‘i’}

Indicates if the widget is handled at initialization time only (‘i’) with a reserved variable or with a function (‘k’) that can be called at any time during playback.

popup: tuple (str, int) -> (popup’s name, index)

If a tuple is specified, and cgen is modified, the popup will be automatically set to the given index.

col: str

Color of the widget.

help: str

Help string shown in the widget’s tooltip.